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Pennsic 38 (2009) featured the premier of the WMAinSCA initiative, an effort to increase teh number and quality of WMA classes at the SCA's largest annual event, and which featured a group encampment where many of the classes were taught. Several members of the Company were involved in this effort, teaching classes both in the camp and at Pennsic University: Brain, Patrick, Adrian, Christian, and Logos. Of special note are Earl Sir Brian who was a prime mover in the initiative - he helped organize the camp, taught daily classes, and arranged for guest insructors Tom Leoni and Steven Reich. Patrick von Brandenberg graciously acted as land agent as well as teaching several classes featuring the cavalry arm of the Company.

Brian Mac Brand's Daily Fiore Class

Tom Leoni's Fabris Class

Steven Reich Teaching Bolognese Sword and Buckler

Tom Leoni Teaching Spadone

Adrian Flechyr Teaching English Bare Fist Fighting

Tom Leoni Teaching Polearm