The Company in Action

Herein are some of the diverse activities of the Company in recent times.


Feast of All Souls
The First Cut and Thrust Tournament for the Middle Kingdom was held.

KWAR 2008
The Company held the field against all comers in a Challange Prize Play


12th Night in Tree Girt Sea
a visit to the Pub with swords became a discussion on the finer points of Stringering the Body

Festival of Maidens
The Second Middle Kingdom Cut and Thrust Tournament was held

Rent-a-Don 2009
Wherein LOGOS and Terrance traveded to Insula Draconis, Drachenwald to insturct in Historical Rapier and Backsword

Pennsic 39
Wherein diverse members of the company participated in classes of Historical Combat both as teachers and students. 

A WMA event wherein Members of the Company were the students instead of being the teachers.